Get Rid Of Unnecessary Admin. Free Up Time To Focus on Teaching

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You work so hard, and most of it is never seen by your students. Spend less time on busy work, more time on them, and get them results they’re capable of.

Wojciech Smajda, co-founder of Happy API

Sing up in simply and fast way. One tap to sing up and become a participant. Your student can sing up for class at every time and place. Wherever thay want. If it will be easier the more often they will be doing it.





You’ve got so much to do besides teaching. How are you going to take back your time for doing what’s important?
You need a secret weapon

One of our most inspired feature ideas: Make it easy to your students. Just three steps to become a participant. Sing up for classes just by click. The simplest way to join classmate.

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